2024-2025 College Catalog 
    May 30, 2024  
2024-2025 College Catalog

Special Education (A.S.T.)

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The Tennessee Board of Regents community colleges and the state’s locally governed institutions have joined together to develop a common core of courses for prospective special education school teachers consisting of an introduction to teaching course and standards-based mathematics and science courses. The common core for the Associate of Science in Teaching (A.S.T.) degree allows prospective teachers to transfer from Pellissippi State to any state university, excluding the University of Tennessee, as juniors and without loss of credit.

In addition to the curriculum requirements listed below, students must attain a cumulative grade point average of 2.75, successfully complete the Praxis Core exam or achieve an ACT superscore composite of 21 or higher, and achieve satisfactory disposition evaluation ratings. For the disposition evaluation ratings, students must have three positive dispositions completed by the following: 1) one’s EDU 2010 instructor, 2) an Instructor or Professor of one of the required AST courses, and 3) an Instructor or Professor of any other college-level course. For those students who have not completed two units of a single modern language, either at high school, at another college or through an approved examination, the deficiency(ies) must be removed before the student may transfer to a university.

Upon completion of the Associate of Science in Teaching transfer program, the graduate will have developed the skills, knowledge and abilities to accomplish the following:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and/or skills acquired within the general education core.
  • Locate and evaluate information from a range of credible sources using proper attribution and citation.
  • Solve problems using skills developed across the curriculum.
  • Explain educational topics and strategies as they relate to the teacher, the student, and the school.
  • Identify the key components of an effective lesson plan.
  • Demonstrate professional behaviors expected of highly qualified educators.

Contact(s): Teacher Education Advising Center, (865) 539-7287

Courses and Course Sequence

This sequence can be followed by students who begin college-level work in the fall semester. Prerequisites may apply to specific courses; it is the student’s responsibility to determine if prerequisites have been met. An academic advisor is provided for each student. Prior to registering each semester, the student is expected to consult with his/her assigned advisor.

Total Credit Hours Needed for Graduation: 60-61

Credit toward graduation cannot be received for both courses in either of the following pairs: BIOL 1010 and BIOL 1110; BIOL 1020 and BIOL 1120.
Students must check requirements of the intended college or university and complete the appropriate course sequence. Students who plan to transfer to UTK are encouraged to complete one U.S. History course and one non-U.S. History course as part of this requirement.  
Chosen from  ENGL 2035 , ENGL 2055 , ENGL 2110 , ENGL 2120 ENGL 2130 ENGL 2150 , ENGL 2210 , ENGL 2220 , ENGL 2310 , ENGL 2320 ENGL 2430  ENGL 2510 .
Chosen from an unduplicated course: CHEM 1010 CHEM 1110 GEOL 1040 GEOL 1050 GEOL 1300 ​; PHYS 2010 PHYS 2110 .  
Chosen from ART 2010 ART 2020 ENGL 2035 ENGL 2055 ENGL 2110 ENGL 2120 ENGL 2130 ENGL 2150 ENGL 2210 ENGL 2220 ENGL 2310 ENGL 2320 ENGL 2430 ENGL 2510 ENGL 2860 MUS 1035 PHIL 1030 PHIL 1040 PHIL 1300 PHIL 1500 PHIL 2200 PHO 1200 ;  THEA 1030 .
Chosen from an unduplicated course: BIOL 1020 BIOL 1120 CHEM 1010 GEOL 1040 .


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