2024-2025 College Catalog 
    May 27, 2024  
2024-2025 College Catalog

General Technology (A.A.S.)

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Program description. General Technology prepares students for unique positions in the workplace for which specific degree programs do not currently exist.  The purpose of the degree is to meet customized, industry-specific needs and/or unique academic and career goals. The program consists of a common core of General Education and major courses selected from the Major Technology Core of two existing A.A.S. degree programs. The remaining subject-specific Technology courses are selected from those same programs.

The General Technology program is designed to allow the student maximum flexibility in designing an educational program that meets specific career-related objectives through coursework in the Career Programs .

Designed as a cross-disciplinary program, General Technology allows the student to combine A.A.S. degree program courses, such as those in engineering technology or business technology or computer technology, in order to meet individualized career goals. The student must meet with an assigned advisor to develop an individualized sequence of courses.

Certificates of credit completed at Pellissippi State may apply as credit toward the A.A.S. degree in General Technology.

Chemical Radiation Technology option:  This pathway is designed to provide critical knowledge and skills in radiochemistry, preparing graduates for entry level positions at regional industries and national labs. Job opportunities include hot cell operations technician, radioisotope processing technician, radiological control technician, and other careers that support the production, testing, and waste management of radionuclides and stable isotopes. These careers are ideal for students who enjoy working in a laboratory environment, as a team, and on cutting edge research.

General Technology option: Job opportunities, position titles and competencies gained will vary depending on the student’s choice of Major technology courses and Technology elective courses but might include sales associate/sales representative (Business electives), clerk/receptionist (Administrative Professional Technology electives), engineering technician (Engineering Technology electives), project management assistant or technical sales.

Program outcomes.  The General Technology program provides graduates with a strong foundation in general education, including problem-solving skills and computer use, while giving the student the opportunity to select those courses most closely aligned to personal career goals.

Upon completion of the General Technology program, the graduate will have developed the skills, knowledge and abilities to accomplish the following:

  1. Utilize diverse disciplines to enhance communication, research, business or technology skills in the workplace.
  2. Connect relevant experience and academic knowledge.
  3. Adapt and apply skills, abilities, theories or methodologies gained in one situation to new situations.
  4. Develop effective problem-management and decision-making skills.
  5. Effectively demonstrate professional skills including basic math, verbal and written communications, and the use of technology; work independently and function on a team; identify problems and use appropriate techniques to find solutions.

Contact(s): Business and Computer Technology, (865) 694-6656; Engineering and Media Technologies, (865) 694-6483; Natural & Behavioral Sciences, (865) 694-6695.


Prerequisites may apply to specific courses; it is the student’s responsibility to determine if prerequisites have been met. An academic advisor is provided for each student. Prior to registering each semester, the student is expected to consult with the assigned advisor.

Chemical Radiation Technology Option

General Technology Option

General Education Core

Major Technology Core

  • Major Technology Courses18 Credit(s)

Technology Courses

  •  Technology Elective Courses4 27 Credit(s)

Total Credit Hours Needed for Graduation: 60-61

See the General Education  section of this Catalog for electives. Courses from the list of History electives will not meet the requirement for this degree.

Students may complete MATH 1730   and a 1-credit-hour elective to fulfill the MATH 1710 /MATH 1720  requirement.

3Major Technology Core
Chosen from courses in any one or two A.A.S. degree programs approved by an assigned advisor. Credit for College Level Prior Learning may be applied toward the Major Technology Core.

4Technology Elective Courses
Chosen from courses approved by an assigned advisor. Credit for College Level Prior Learning may be applied toward Technology elective courses. Technology elective courses are based on the student’s academic record, employment experience, and career goals.  A minimum of 60 credit hours is required for graduation.  For more information on College Level Prior Learning credit, visit Prior Learning Assessment.