2018-2019 College Catalog 
    Sep 17, 2019  
2018-2019 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Associate of Science, A.S.

A complete listing of the courses fulfilling general education requirements for all system institutions is available on the TBR website (www.tbr.edu) under Transfer and Articulation Information.

Specific majors are not listed for the general Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees because baccalaureate degree program requirements vary at four-year institutions. General associate’s degree requirements provide a range of course options that permit students to design a program of study that closely matches the first two years of most baccalaureate degree programs.

Contact(s): Enrollment Services, (865) 694-6400

Courses and Course Sequence

This sequence can be followed by students who begin college-level work in the fall semester. Prerequisites may apply to specific courses; it is the student’s responsibility to determine if prerequisites have been met. An academic advisor is provided for each student. Prior to registering each semester, the student is expected to consult with his/her assigned advisor.

Semester I (Fall)

Semester II (Spring)

Semester III (Fall)

  • 5ELEC - Approved Electives 7 Credit(s)
  • 6ENGL - Literature Elective 3 Credit(s)
  • 4MATH - Mathematics Elective 3-5 Credit(s)

Semester IV (Spring)

  • 5ELEC - Approved Electives 6 Credit(s)
  • 4HUM/FA - Humanities/Fine Arts Electives 6 Credit(s)
  • 4SBS - Social/Behavioral Sciences Elective 3 Credit(s)

Total Credit Hours Needed for Graduation: 61

A sequence is required for Associate of Arts degrees only. Students lacking two years of study in the same foreign language should take one year of beginning foreign language prior to enrolling in intermediate courses. Associate of Science students should substitute electives for the 6 hours of foreign language.

Chosen from HIST 1110 , HIST 1120 HIST 2010  HIST 2020 HIST 2210 HIST 2220 . Students planning to transfer to out-of-state or private universities must check requirements and take the appropriate courses.

Elective to be chosen from BIOL 1110 , BIOL 1120 , BIOL 2010 , BIOL 2020 ; BIOL 2310 , BIOL 2320 ; CHEM 1010 , CHEM 1020 , CHEM 1110 , CHEM 1120 ; GEOL 1040 , GEOL 1050 , GEOL 1300 ; PHYS 2010 , PHYS 2020 , PHYS 2110 , PHYS 2120 .

See the General Education  section of this Catalog for electives.

Chosen from any transferable course.  Transferring students must check course equivalency tables and/or catalogs of the intended college or university. Associate of Arts degrees require 13 hours of elective courses; Associate of Science degrees require 19 hours.

Chosen from ENGL 2035 ENGL 2055 , ENGL 2110 , ENGL 2120 , ENGL 2210 , ENGL 2220 , ENGL 2310 , ENGL 2320 , ENGL 2510 ENGL 2520 .